Monday, October 8, 2012

A Fresh Start

  I'm making it a goal to start blogging again. I've tried it before, and it only lasted until the new wore off. But I want to be able to document our lives in some way, since I'll obviously never make it as a professional scrapbooker... (The last scrapbook I attempted was a gift for hubby while we were still dating... It's still sitting in closet somewhere, with only 3 pages done...)
But I digress! Now that we've started a family, I want to be able slow down and enjoy watching our boy grow and still be able to look back at all the fun things we've done... I'm a sap like that! It's worse when I'm pregnant. And once a month... (I forgot to mention, if anyone's actually reading this besides me... I share WAY too much! And I like potty humor... You've been warned!)
So here are my goals for this month (since it totally just hit me yesterday, that it's October and Halloween is only 20-some days away?!):
Looks like I'm gonna be busy the rest of the month... Anyone have any suggestions of things to add or a new fall tradition to add? (Mom? You out there?)


  1. Your fall list looks pretty great to me. Can't wait to take mine trick or treating!!! What's your little guy going to be?

  2. Thanks Ashley! We're super excited since this is our 1st year with little man. I'd planned to make his costume, but his grandparents got him a giraffe costume. Just means I get to save my creativity for other projects, right?!